Delight the Gardener in your life with Unique Plants

The issue for me year after year has been what to give gardening friends for Christmas. After all, I have gardening friends that have created incredibly beautiful gardens and take pride in doing so. So sending a bouquet of flowers may be fine but they already have those. While it is not  required to buy gifts for everyone you know, I think it is a nice gesture to think about people you appreciate like gardening friends who are also neighbors. Christmas is the season for giving and it is in giving that we receive.

Searching online the other day, I found some beautiful and unique plants that are perfect gifts for the gardeners in my life. Some are small and require no care at all, just water, and others come in kits with everything you need to plant them.

The plants I found online are different and can be kept indoors and that is a good thing. Here is a description of some of the plants that I think will delight any gardener.

Red Coral Air Plant Terrarium Ornament with Sand Dollar


air plant terrarium ornament

This is truly adorable! It is a little air plant terrarium with a red coral and a cute sand dollar too. It comes complete in a kit which includes hanging or sitting glass globe with twine hanger, air plant, red coral, sand dollar, pebble and twine for hanging. And this kit comes gift boxed which is ideal for gift giving. It is the perfect gift for gardeners.


Air Plant Terrarium Party Set

air plant terrarium party set of three

This is another unique gift for gardeners or anyone else for that matter. It is a party set that includes 3-3 inch seated or hanging glass terrariums, 3 air plants, blue orange and pink reindeer moss and easy to follow instructions. The best part is that this does not require any soil at all. All it needs is air and water to live on.



Amaryllis Kit – Large Bulb, Pot and Soil – Gift Boxed


Amaryllis Gift Box

Imagine receiving a bulb as a gift and not having to worry about buying soil or a pot to plant it! This Amaryllis bulb kit comes with everything you need and also comes in an attractive gift box. Here you get a deep red bulb from Holland which produces huge flowers. Blooms are over 8″ across. Complete planting and care instructions are included with this kit.



Paperwhite Holiday Gift Growing Kit


paperwhite gift box

Paperwhites are so beautiful! This kit includes 5 paperwhite bulbs, a plastic pot and saucer, and professional planting mix. Gardening friends or even family members will love this kit for Christmas. Follow instructions and plant them in a sunny location indoors. Blooms will appear 6-10 weeks after planting.



What I’ve realized after finding these beautiful plants online is that Christmas gifting doesn’t have to be as hectic as I thought it would be. It is difficult to find a really nice gift that is reasonably price these days but these terrariums and bulb kits are not expensive at all. So go ahead and check them out! You can still get them in time for Christmas.

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Fall Plants to Brighten your Flower Garden

It is hard to believe that the fall season is here. Where did summer go? Fall is that time of the year when our gardens begin to show the need for some loving tender care as annual plants stop blooming and in some cases disappear for good. This does not mean that you should neglect your garden. Garden care should be every gardener’s priority especially during the fall season.  Fortunately, there are many beautiful flowers that you can plant now and continue to enjoy your garden for months to come.

If you are new to gardening or have any doubts about gardening in general or if you need a helping hand deciding what is best for your garden, I strongly recommend The Gardeners Bible book to guide you. This is the most complete book I’ve seen which includes how to select the right varieties of plants for your climate and designs, various themed gardens, tells you how to care for your plants…over 400 species of them and gives you advice on how to keep your flowers thriving all the time. Let’s face it, it is your garden so you want it to look beautiful and also a place for you to enjoy and be proud of.

But, first things first. Start by doing some clean up in your garden, Get rid of plants that are dead or those annuals that are dry and wilted by now. Also get rid of old mulch if necessary. If you see weeds, get rid of them. Once your garden is cleared, visit you local garden centers or nurseries and buy some fall plants that will add some color to your garden. As I mentioned above, there are many varieties of fall flowers and here are three of my favorites to get you started.



Yellow Chrysanthemums

Yellow Chrysanthemums

This is one of my favorite fall flower as it is a late bloomer and adds lots of color to any garden. Chrysanthemums are very easy to grow and can be planted any time during the year. For best results, plant them in the spring so the plant has time to establish its roots before the real hot weather starts. If in doubt, a new book was just published on How to Grow Chrysanthemums. The beauty of this plant is that there are hundreds of varieties so you have lots of options to chose from when planning your garden area. Photo courtesy of Homes and Gardens.

You can plant chrysanthemums according to height and color scheme because you can get all different sizes ranging from 1-3 feet tall then mix and match yellow, white, pink, blue, red, orange, green and many other colors. To me, the color for the fall season is the traditional yellow. The blooming time also varies so figure that out as well so your garden will always have flowers. Chrysanthemums are perennials so be sure to plant them in full sun. They thrive in zones 5-9.



Aster Fall Flowers

Pink Asters

Asters are daisy like flowers that are easy to grow and comes in many varieties. Be sure to read the instructions on each plant as some only grow up to 12 inches and others can grow up to 8 feet tall. They can grow 1-4 feet wide depending on the type you buy. If in doubt, get this handy book that explains all you need to know about this gorgeous flow



The colors are beautiful and you can chose from white, pink, lavender and purple shades. Asters like the sun so be sure to plant them in a sunny area. These beauties are drought tolerant, attract birds and are perfect as cut flowers for your home. They grow well in zones 3-9. Photo courtesy of Home and Gardens.




Perenial Sunflower


There are 2 types of sunflower plants so be sure to buy the one you prefer. The first is the annual which most gardeners are familiar with. The second is a perennial and it has become a favorite for lots of gardeners through the years. It produces beautiful bright yellow blooms late summer and early fall adding much needed color to your garden. Photo courtesy of Home and Gardens.


The flowers measure up to 4 inches that form in clusters. Carefully plan an area in your garden to plant them as these grow up to 8 feet tall. Sunflowers thrive in full sun and like well drained soil. They grow well in zones 4-9.

There is a delightful little book about a healing fairy tale called The Sunflower Princess. It is the story of a little seed that is swept away from her surroundings and into a world of isolation and difficulty. But this journey taught her to have hope and the seed eventually grows and blooms beautifully. It has been said by many readers that this little book help them to achieve harmony and healing. Although this book was written for adults, it is also appropriate for children of all ages.

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My Beautiful Tropical Hibiscus Flowers

Tropical hibiscus is not only easy to grow and maintenance free plants but they also produce gorgeous flowers in various colors. These are not to be confused with hardy hibiscus. It is important for you to know the difference between tropical and hardy hibiscus. The tropical variety has deep green glossy leaves and produces 3-6” flowers and the colors are yellow, red, orange, salmon, peach, pink and some have double flowers. Hardy hibiscus does not come in these colors and do not produce double flowers. The hardy variety usually has dull medium size leaves and produces white, red and pink flowers.

Red Tropical Hibiscus Flower

Tropical red hibiscus flower

Red Hibiscus

My favorite tropical hibiscus flower is red and I have several plants in the backyard. The photo you see here is an actual photo of my red hibiscus flowers. What I had to learn about planting them is that they don’t like to be wet and should be planted in good drainage areas. During the summer months when the temperatures soar, hibiscus should not be allowed to dry out so more watering is required. Both tropical and hardy hibiscus are perennials meaning they come back every year but the tropical variety does not tolerate freezing temperatures below 32 degrees. These plants are native to warm, sunny tropical places which is the reason they grow beautifully here in Florida. Photo by Diana.

Yellow Miniature Hibiscus

Yellow Miniature Hibiscus

Yellow Miniature Hibiscus

This year, I found a miniature tropical hibiscus that only grows to 23” tall and produces yellow flowers and bought some to plant in a garden in front of the house as a border. The flowers are yellow with red in the center. Take a look at the photo on the side. This is also an actual photo of the gorgeous yellow flowers from one of my miniature hibiscus plant. Just like regular hibiscus plants, the miniature variety is easy to grow, likes moist but not drenched soil and a sunny location. One great advantage of the miniature variety is that you can easily plant them in containers as indoor plants. If you live in cold winter climates, plant them in containers and keep them indoors. Just make sure you place the containers in an area that gets lots of sun. During the summer months, place them outside in your garden.

Watch the video below for more information on Tropical Hibiscus Care

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Fragrant Roses – fill your Garden with pleasant Scents

Roses are my favorite flower and they are best known as a showplace in a garden because of their beauty. There is nothing more pleasing and relaxing than walking in a garden full of fragrant roses and maybe that’s where the saying ‘stop and smell the roses’ comes from. My rose garden is a place of thoughts, relaxation and achievement contemplating the beauty of nature. It is also a place where I can appreciate all the hard work and many hours spent creating it but well worth the effort when I can enjoy the beauty and the sweet delightful scents.

Roses are well known as ornamental plants and also used in many perfumes and commercial cut flower crops. Some are used as landscape plants or hedging but I prefer to plant them in front of my house especially if they are fragrant. They don’t require lots of care once planted. Fertilize them every three months with some rich nutrient soil mixed with compost, treat them with a rose disease control spray to prevent diseases and they will deliver beautiful blooms. If you love fragrant roses as much as I do, here are some of my favorites.

Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose

Rose Double Delight

Rose Double Delight

Gorgeous rose with great spicy fragrance and striking bicolor flowers. Winner of the ‘All America Rose Selections Award’ double delight rose has big creamy white petals in the center and bright red at the edges. This rose was introduced to the ‘Rose Hall of Fame’ in 1985 for its beauty and enticing fragrance. The flowers are about 6 inches in diameter and it can produce up to 30 petals. Plant them in full sun and well drained soil for best results. It grows 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Double delight is disease and mildew resistant, tolerates hot weather and thrives in zones 5-9. Photo courtesy of

White Hybrid Tea Rose – John F. Kennedy

Rose John F. Kennedy

Rose John F. Kennedy

The gorgeous perfectly sculptured shimmering pure white blooms in this rose create an effect of timeless grace. It is considered the most fragrant of all in the white rose varieties; blends in nicely with other color roses in your garden and it is not bothered at all by hot summers. Prune them in the spring and cut off any dead leaves or canes and in warm weather cut off any dead roses and it will continue to delight you with more blooms. They can grow up to 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide; and the blooms range between 5 and 6 inches. The white hybrid tea rose thrives in zones 5-10. Photo courtesy of

Fragrant Plum Grandiflora Hybrid Tea Rose

Rose Fragrant Plum

Rose Fragrant Plum

Bred by Jack E. Christensen in the US in 1990, the plum color fragrant tea rose has long elegant buds that open into large almost 4 inch flowers. The color combination is unique bearing a lavender color in the center and gradually shading off to almost a smoke plum or purple at the edges. Because of its almost perfect shape flowers, you will see it on lots of flower arrangements. Maturity height is about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It likes well drained soil and thrives in zones 5-10. Photo courtesy of

Red Hybrid Tea Rose – Mr. Lincoln

Rose Mr. Lincoln

Rose Mr. Lincoln

For some reason, red roses seem to be the most popular of all roses. They are considered the symbol of love and always in demand as cut flowers for flower arrangements. Here is an award winning rose that was bred in 1965 but it is still very popular today. The roses are very fragrant and it features velvet like red roses. It will begin to show buds early spring and continue to bloom all summer long. The Mr. Lincoln rose is easy to grow, known for its hardiness and requires little care. Like most roses, Mr. Lincoln rose should be planted on good soil and an area with good drainage. It thrives in zones 5-9. Photo courtesy of

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